Our restroom concept

”Together we are working on one amazing concept that is changing the way the world looks at public toilets.”

Toilet experience
2theloo restrooms provide a unique and ‘better than home experience’. Our restrooms are cleaned after every use, designed, spacious, soundproof and non-touch. We offer additional services such as a Family room, Nursery, disabled toilet and make-up area.

2theloo offers more than toilet facilities, it’s a toilet store. We want to offer everything visitors find handy, including the things they did not think of. Our stores offer gifts, gadgets, toiletries and all you need when being on the go.

At 2theloo your toilet visit is practically for free. Upon each visit, visitors receive a discount voucher which they can redeem in the 2theloo shop or in shops in the surrounding area. Our aim is to make every toilet visit the best deal ever.

We only have one planet (for now) and we all have to care for it. So does 2theloo and therefore we work with cleaning products that have the smallest possible impact on the environment. We use refillable dosing systems and efficient flushing and washing systems. Even our paper towels and toilet paper are sustainable. This way we can keep everything clean, including Mother Earth.

Love creativity
We love to stimulate creativity and do so by collaborating with various artists and providing our toilet stores as a platform. Recent collaboration with illustrator Richard Poll can be viewed in our toilet stores in Berlin and Paris. Keep an eye out for the stunning photographs of Niels Keekstra and colorful work of Marian Beijer, more news coming soon.

Continuous innovation
Together with our partners we will continue to develop the 2theloo concept in size and in experience. New locations, new technology and improved services and products will continuously enhance the 2theloo experience.