Did you know that there are beautiful wedding dresses made out of toilet paper? Yes, toilet paper!

When you think of possible wedding dress materials, various options come to mind: satin, lace, chiffon, organza. Not to forget, all the famous brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein and Chanel. What you probably won’t think about? Toilet paper. Yet it’s the material of choice for numerous women across America right now.

Since the famous Youtube star Amber Scholl made her very first wedding dress out of toilet paper many women started to do the same. Cheap-chic-weddings.com started an annual competition where contesters can win up to $10.000 as the first price. If you are interest in the fashion-industry than we think that this contest might be something for you!

Why? It’s time for the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest and you can still sign in for 2019. Go directly to the sign in page by clicking on the link: Sign in To Win.