The toilet is a spot we daily visit. It is a common item in an average household. For many of us a toilet costs € 150,- to € 500,- based on the type of toilet. Some types of toilets can even cost up to a couple of thousands. However, talking about extremes we cannot leave out NASA and the International Space Station. Nasa spent a whopping € 19.000.000,- on building a toilet that recycles! That makes it the world’s (or should we say, the universe’s) most expensive toilet. But what did NASA get for all that money? The toilet is designed to work properly in zero gravity conditions and comes with unglamorous leg restraints and thigh bars. It dries solid waste to eliminate bacteria and other germs that could harm the astronaut. And here’s the best bit: it filters urine into drinking water! Amazing don’t you think? But there is however something that keeps us from wanting one of these toilets. The world’s most expensive toilet comes without heated seat!