Our 2theloo store assortment is now also available in the Shell Shop. Following the expanding of our toilets at Shell gas stations, our products have also been placed in their assortment. In the shop you can find our bathroom accessories and self care products. Furthermore our children’s characters Loois & Looisa cuddly toys, key chains and window stickers are available in the shop.

Use our voucher in the Shell shop

With every 2theloo restroom visit you will receive a toilet voucher. In our Shell 2theloo restrooms as well. Our voucher is also valid in the Shell shop. You can use it to buy 2theloo products but you can also choose from the regular Shell Shop offer. This way your public toilet visit is not only comfortable but also almost for free. See more details about our voucher system

Shell shops

At the moment not all the Shell shops sell our products yet. You can find the 2theloo assortment at the following Shell gas stations:

  • Shell Den Ruygenhoek, Rijksweg A4 OZ nr 1 – Hoofddorp
  • Shell De Schaars, Rijksweg A50/A12 NZ – Arnhem
  • Shell De Hackelaar, Rijksweg A1/E231 NZ – Muiden
  • Shell De Lucht Oost, Rijksweg A2/E25 OZ nr 2a – Bruchem
  • Shell Hellevliet, Rijksweg A12/E30 NZ – Harmelen

In the near future more locations will follow. We strive to provide all Shell gas stations with 2theloo toilets and restroom shops.

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