Fun Fact: The best moment to “get the job done”

Living a healthy lifestyle

Did you know that the healthiest time to poo is within the 30 minutes after waking up?

Specific, but there is some logical science behind this given time frame. Our body was being busy processing the food from the day before. The stool process is important to our health and plays a vital part in our daily routine. You can check your stool by analyzing your “doodie” after you finished “the job”. There are many shapes, colors and smells to your defecation.

Living a healthy lifestyle is now more trending than ever and many people are starting to realize how important that is. In order to improve your stool 2theloo would like to share an article that will help you to improve or develop your stool.

Want to know more about improving or developing a healthy stool ? Click here to read more.


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