Meet Our Loo Queen Marin! 💃

Marin is our lovely 2theloo service queen. We want to share her story.

Does 2theloo inspire you in an artistic way? “I have now made an image with drainage pits, I see it as a kind of humor”. Read the full story here:

Meet Our Loo Queen Marin!

Marin is our beloved 2theloo service queen. We decided to give everyone a peek in her daily life at work. She told us about her ambitions, hobby and what she experiences on daily basis.

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what do you do for living?

My name is Marin Hondebrink. I have been working at 2theloo as a service employee for just over 4 years now. At the time I was looking for a job besides my study. I started in the old 2theloo building at Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht and worked at that time mainly during the weekend.

Can you describe what your working day looks like?

The 2theloo opens at 10 o’clock in the morning, I arrive 15 minutes earlier to do a walk around to check whether everything is left behind properly. Usually around 11 o’clock it gets more crowded with mainly female visitors drink a coffee together and continue their way to the city. In the surrounding area there are no toilets available yet so every person that passes by often pays a visit at 2theloo.

What kind of people come here? Do you have the same guests that frequently visit 2theloo?

Yes, many people come here. Tourists, including Dutch tourists, who are on a day out for site seeing. People who are on their way to work and park their car in the nearby parking garage. Also people with children. There are a few guests who come by often. Yes, at a given moment you start to recognize them. I’m not that kind of a person who talks to everyone, but you clearly notice when people need a little chat. Generally, what I hear in the morning is.. Ahh ghhh € 0.70 ct! At this point I often think “Good morning” would be more appropriate. One day you take it with a pinch of salt and the other day it ruins your good sense of humor.

Did you notice that the audience has changed since the time you started working here?

It has certainly become more crowded but in general it is still the same audience that comes here. Especially now with the new shopping center.

Do you have a certain cleaning routine?

Yes, I always take the air freshener with me when I do my checking round. I check if there is enough toilet paper everywhere. During this round I immediately can see what else needs to be done so that I can come back with a mop or something else that is required. When it’s busy I sometimes have to interrupt before the visitors walk into the toilet cabins, to make sure the toilets are clean. This way they have to wait a little longer but then they have a fresh and clean toilet.

Can you give us the perfect cleaning tip?

Yes, I thought about that. We recently use cleaning vinegar, this is really a fantastic product to clean mirrors and it dries very smoothly. The smell is very sharp, where vinegar is known for, but it is a clever and effective way to clean and most importantly it is free from chemicals additives.

Do you also experience unpleasant situations during your day at work?

Yes, sometimes people leave the toilet so filthy that I think, if you do this at home then nobody will visit you anymore. But in general, this does not occur so often. What I don't appreciate is that often people think that I get all the money visitors pay to enter the restroom. This happened many times. Situations like this make me angry. They have to understand that this is not the case and that I work hard for my salary.

What else do you do besides your work?

I am an artist and during the week I work in my studio. I make abstract works and large paintings. I studied at the arts academy for this.

Does 2theloo inspire you in an artistic way?

When I came here to work, I realized that it is a kind of interaction. As an artist you are always observing. It is therefore almost impossible that it does not end up in my artistic work. I also have a fascination for “dirty things” this certainly reflects back into my work. For example, I have now made an image with drainage pits. I see it as a kind of humor. You can take a peek at my Instagram: @ikbenmarin. By working 3 long days at 2theloo I have the rest of the week for my own work.

To Finalize, do you still want to say something to 2theloo, the visitors or the readers?

Yes, come along! But not all at once haha!