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Benefits for 2theloo Partners

Clean toilet facilities

Compensation for operating costs

Improve customer satisfaction with the 2theloo experience

Increase sales of selected shops with 2theloo voucher

Repair & maintenance work by 2theloo

Why work with 2theloo?

  • 2theloo has the highest spontaneous brand awareness in its market as shown by research done in the Netherlands
  • 2theloo is the customer’s preferred choice as proven by the same research
  • 2theloo is a strong internationally established concept
  • 2theloo deploys a repair & maintenance network with a local presence
  • 2theloo has successful long-lasting partnerships with various blue chip companies
  • 2theloo reduces operating costs (consumables, gas, water, electricity) and improves profitability
  • 2theloo voucher boosts retail sales
  • 2theloo is child- and disabled-friendly
  • 2theloo is ISO (9001, 27001) & VCA certified

Toilets are our core business, no stress for our partners

How can we help you?


What are the main objectives of operating paid toilet facilities with 2theloo? Select the most important reason first, the second most important second, etc.

To offer clean toilet facilities

To compensate operating costs

To improve customer satisfaction with the 2theloo experience

To increase sales of selected shops with 2theloo voucher

To have repair & maintenance work carried out by 2theloo


Can you provide us with more information about the location(s)?

Railway station

Petrol station or motorway location

Shopping center


Other street location


What is the current footfall of this location?

0 - 10,000
a day

10,000 – 50,000
a day

50,000 – 100,000
a day

a day

I don't know


Are there already toilet facilities at the current location(s)?



If yes, are they paid or free?


Free per visit

Paid per visit

Are the toilet visitor numbers known?


a day

a day

a day

a day

I don't know


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