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Going to the loo. It’s one of the most fundamental human needs.

We eat, we drink, we sleep and we relieve ourselves.

How can it be possible that there are still dirty public toilets?

At 2theloo, we believe that going to the toilet in public places should not be something that stresses you out. It should be an extraordinary experience. Even better than at home.

2theloo is an innovative service retail concept that offers:

Restrooms that are always clean and hygienic

2theloo public toilets provide a unique and ‘better than home’ experience. Our toilets are clean, spacious and soundproof. We offer additional services such as a family room, nursery, disabled toilet and make-up area.

A unique public toilet break experience

We love to stimulate creativity and put a smile on people’s faces. That’s why every 2theloo toilet contains unique visual artwork that will help you escape reality for the duration of your toilet break. This way we hope our visitors leave our toilets feeling just that little bit happier than when they arrived. We constantly develop the 2theloo concept in size and in experience. New locations, new technology and improved products and services.

A voucher that offers discounts

At 2theloo your toilet visit is practically free. On every visit, visitors receive a voucher which they can redeem in the 2theloo shop, or in selected shops nearby. It is our aim to make every toilet visit the best deal ever.

A shop with toiletries, gifts and more

2theloo offers more than toilet facilities. At selected locations we have our own shop with useful things for when you’re on the go, such as toiletries, drinks and snacks, but also fun gifts and gadgets.

We care about our planet

As human beings, we only have one planet (for now) and we all have to take care of it. 2theloo works with cleaning products that have the least possible impact on the environment. We use refillable dosing systems and water-saving technology. Even our paper towels and toilet paper are sustainable. This way we can keep everything clean, including Mother Earth.

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Kalverstraat Amsterdam

The first 2theloo opened its toilet doors in 2011 in Amsterdam. That same year, several new locations followed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

2theloo won the ING Retail Prize 2011: Best Start-Up.

In 2012, the first couple of 2theloo Shell locations opened their doors.


In 2013 2theloo expanded to Spain.

In 2014, 2theloo won the GameChanger Award from a selection of 50 nominees. The GameChanger Award is organised by Dutch Management Team and recognises companies that define a complete new playing field.


In 2014, 2theloo acquired a leading position in the French market by taking over the high-end Parisien PointWC

Later on in 2014, 2theloo expanded their presence in France with new locations at SNCF train stations.


2theloo wins GameChangers Award 2014.


In 2015 2theloo in Covent Garden, London opened its doors.

That same year, 2theloo wins National Award for best toilet provider in England at the 'Loo of the Year Awards 2015' in the UK!


In 2016 the biggest 2theloo opened at Shell Berchem.

2theloo has shown impressive growth which has resulted in 220 locations in 12 countries today. 2theloo can be found in retail areas, petrol stations and public transport.

We hope to welcome you at one of our 2theloo locations soon!

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